Perform rescue from a live LV Panel UETTDRRF06B and
Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation HLTAID001

Emergency LVR/CPR Management LVR course is designed to educate the participant with the knowledge and skills required to rescue a person in contact with low voltage electrical hazards and equipment.

CPR is designed to provide knowledge of safety standards and the various procedures involved in low voltage rescue and CPR. The course teaches participants how to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

This course is an accredited training course of 6 hours face to face which covers how to assess the risk and how to remove an individual from the hazardous area and aims to provide with sound knowledge of CPR to its students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies. This LVR &CPR course should be considered essential training for everyone.

Covered in the Course:

  • Understand Electrical Safety Obligations.
  • Take appropriate action to protect themselves and any victim of electrocution and to prevent further damage to other.
  • Rescue an electrocuted person without endangering themselves or others.
  • Apply Emergency and Safety Action Plans.
  • Respond to signs of an unconscious patient.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Procedures and precautions to be undertaken when performing low voltage rescue.
  • Manage electrical injuries, burns and bleeding.
  • Perform Basic Life Support
  • Provide effective CPR
  • Two minutes of uninterrupted CPR
  • Maintenance and safe use of rescue kit.

Cost of the LV Panel & CPR (UETTDRRF06B & HLTAID001) Course is $100.00 per person

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