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SDO First Aid Services was set up in May of 2010 with the aim of:
  • Providing accredited first aid training to company personnel, groups, and private individuals to all proficiency and certificate levels.
  • Recommendations on appropriate First Aid equipment specifications, kit supply and ongoing kit maintenance.
  • Helping to guide organisations in complying with statutory Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
Shaun Ornellas, the Company’s founder, experienced first hand, how the lack of skills and bystander’s reticence, in offering help to injured participants whilst he was involved in martial arts training.

Through his association with St John’s Ambulance – where he not only assisted by joining the ranks of volunteers providing essential first aid services to the community, he also became involved in the promotion and sales of accredited first aid training and first aid kits.

SDO First Aid Services was established with the intent of offering the community a “customer friendly” style of training and first aid equipment, appropriate to the statutory corporate and private sector requirements.

The Company’s range of services is directed towards keeping the community safe and healthy, by teaching people to help others and perhaps save a life, through timely and knowledgeable first aid responses to injuries and emergencies, as well as the Testing and Tagging of electrical appliances.
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